Strange, Doctor Strange…

GeekOWT - Doctor Strange Landscape

Managed to finally find time to catch Dr. Strange.  I didn’t really keep track of all the trailers out there.  This was to avoid being biased and being dsiappointed.

GeekOWT - Doctor Strange Poster

Anyways, I’m happy to say that it was entertaining.  In the age of superhero movies one after another, they still manage to do something unique and different.  Rather than spoil it for others, I will just say that like Ant-man, it worked.

Now that we are into Phase 3 of the MCU, we are on the verge of a very climactic event that that will culminate in the Infinity Wars.  It will be very interesting to see all of this unfold.  Even hardcore comic book fans have no idea where things will go since the MCU goes it’s own way and deviates from the comic books.

For now, check out the upcoming release dates and keep your calendars marked




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